Building Our Skills, Making Fenestration, Glass and Glazing a Career of Choice has signed up to a programme of Careers Fairs throughout 2023, and we want your support.

Our team will stand at each of the fairs, but we would welcome and encourage employers local to the venue to come and join us.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the programme, please just email us at and we will get in touch.

These careers fairs are primarily aimed at school children, their teachers and careers officers, but from our experiences to date, they also generate interest from many other relevant parties.

Event Location & Date

Liverpool: 17/02/2023 –  Anfield Stadium

Sheffield: 30/03/2023 – Sheffield Town Hall

Rotherham: 20/04/2023 – New York Stadium

Leeds: 21/04/2023 – Aspire

Manchester: 28/04/2023 – Brittania Hotel

Stoke: 02/08/2023 – Stoke Town Hall

Barnsley: 30/08/2023 – Civic Centre

Rotherham: 31/08/2023 – New York Stadium

Truro: 08/09/2023 – Royal Cornwall Museum

Leeds: 13/09/2023 – Aspire

Bradford: 15/09/2023 – Midland Hotel

Doncaster: 21/09/2023 – Eco Power Stadium

Sheffield: 22/09/2023 – Sheffield Town Hall

Derby: 04/10/2023 – Pride Park

London: 03/11/2023 – Tottenham Hotspur Stadium