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Learning is a never ending process, and Building Our Skills is committed to offering the widest range of tools to help the industry upskill its workforce to meet future challenges

Building Our Skills recognises that one of the ways in which the Fenestration Industry can help to bridge its skills gap is to ensure that employees already in the industry, those committed to making it their career of choice, are supported to continue their personal and professional development through ongoing learning and training.

Our Business Academy has been designed to offer the widest range of learning opportunities and the programme will continue to grow through 2021 and beyond.  Our Master Class programme will see the delivery of key topics by industry specialists and all of these are free of charge.

Individual, group, team and bespoke course content will be available in a wide range of subject matters.  Our aim is to have all courses accredited so that learners, as well as the knowledge they gain, have something formal to show for their efforts at the end of their course.

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Master Class Programme 2021 COMING SOON

Or Master Class Programme for 2021 will be published soon. Get in touch to find out more details.

All Master Class sessions will be delivered by industry professionals, specialists in their own fields.

All Master Classes are free to attend

Sales Training

Our Sales Training and the option to achieve a formal qualification, in partnership with the Institute of Sales Management has been developed specifically for the Fenestration Industry.



Business Academy Programme 2021- COMING SOON

Our Business Academy programme for 2021 will be published shortly, please check back for further details

Recruitment - Ex Service Personnel

If you are looking to recruit new employees to your business and would like to explore working with ex-service people why not talk to Building Our Skills partner Front Foot or get in contact with us through the form on this page or by email

We will be delighted to call you back to discuss your requirements, and to talk you through what we can offer.

Business Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are important to younger people and to their employers.  Building Our Skills has formed a partnership with Learning and Skills partnership for the Fenestration Industry which can deliver the following:

  • A full recruitment process to find people in the area local to you
  • An explanation of the funding process for apprenticeships relative to your individual business
  • A range of business apprenticeships, including apprenticeships for employees in Trade Counters, Customer Services, Accountancy, Business Administration and Project Management.

If you are interested in looking into apprenticeships for your staff why not get in touch through the form on this page or by email

We will be delighted to give you a call back to discuss your requirements and what we can offer you.

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