Our Mission

To raise awareness of the many opportunities and rewards in Fenestration to encourage new entrants to make the industry their career of choice, and to support the building of skills through a network of employer led learning, practical training facilities and qualifications.

Building Our Skills - Making Fenestration a Career of Choice

Like many others, the Fenestration industry is facing a skills shortage. Building Our Skills –Making Fenestration a Career of Choice is a campaign designed to raise awareness of the Fenestration Industry to attract new entrants to join the tens of thousands of people already working in it.

The industry offers outstanding career opportunities and financial rewards and underpins personal and professional development with training programmes, practical training programmes, industry relevant qualifications, access to employer led learning and mentoring.

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Design and Technical

Before a window is surveyed, fabricated or installed the systems have to be designed, and the biggest companies in the industry all employ teams of technical designers to develop innovative and exciting new products to bring to market. This is a highly technical field with great rewards for people with the right skills and creativity.

  • CAD Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Product Development
  • Technical Drawing
  • Technical Customer Services
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IT Finance and HR

The best IT and Software developers have a home in the Fenestration Industry as much as anywhere else. The industry is highly technical, it prides itself on using the most advanced IT driven production equipment to deliver outstanding products and have the most efficient business operating systems there are. It is also a hugely rewarding industry to work in.

  • Software Programmers
  • IT Support and Development
  • Accountants
  • Financial Officers
  • Human Resources, Recruitment
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Sales and Marketing

The Fenestration Industry has some of the best marketers there are, and companies in the industry are looking to engage with the latest and most talented individuals there are. An industry which turns over £4.6 billion per annum has great scope for upcoming marketers to showcase their talents and bring the outstanding products in the sector to life.

  • Field Sales
  • Internal Sales
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Web Design
  • Social Media
  • Customer Services
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Warehousing and Distribution

The scale and scope of the warehousing and distribution sector of the Fenestration Industry is colossal with millions of parts moving every week. For people who love a challenge and who want to get hands on in delivering outstanding service to their customers then working in this sector of the Fenestration Industry is a great place to be.

  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Customer Services
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Survey, Installations, Engineers & Locksmiths

Installing windows, doors and highly technical glazed screens such as those in the Shard or any other glazed buildings across our cities, is a key part of the day to day operation of the Fenestration Industry.

  • Window and Door surveying
  • Curtain Wall and Façade Surveying
  • Window and Door Installation
  • Curtain Walling and Façade Installation
  • Technical Services
  • Repairs and Maintenance Engineers
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If you are interested in working in a manufacturing environment then the Fenestration Industry has much to offer. Some of our businesses use the most high-tech manufacturing equipment there is to produce a range of products across all aspects of the industry from glass manufacture, windows and doors, components and highly technical building facades.

  • Extrusion
  • Glass Processing
  • Sealed Unit Manufacturing
  • Component Manufacturing
  • Offsite Manufacturing
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