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Promoting a diverse workforce

A diverse workforce, and therefore a diverse industry, better reflects the make up of modern society and will make the industry more attractive to those thinking of joining it at the outset of their careers and to those in the education system who we are introducing it to for the first time.

For us diversity is about recognising and appreciating differences – in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, education and many more things.

In the workplace, it means a workforce consists of individuals who have different backgrounds so they bring different perspectives to the challenges and opportunities businesses face.

It means businesses reflect more accurately the make up of potential customer bases – an important point in the increasingly competitive markets we operate in today.

And, businesses recognising and valuing the talents and different influences of all employees means everyone feels involved, valued and respected.

Tapping into ‘non-traditional’ and increasingly diverse talent pools is a very obvious way for businesses to bridges the skills gap. Put simply, opening all job opportunities to all people increases the number of candidates a business can access to fill vacancies.

To support those who want to understand more about the benefits of a diverse workforce and how it can help them when it comes to bridging the skills gap we have produced a brief guide which we hope will be useful. Click on the link below to read and download.



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