Norwood Windows has reinforced its commitment to the Building Our Skills Academy by supplying two AluClad windows to be used for installation training.

The official opening of the Academy in Sheffield was hosted by Lord David Blunkett, a locally born former MP and former member of the government who is a keen advocate of training and life-long learning.

The academy is the first of a planned network of facilities designed to offer hands-on practical training in the fenestration Industry. Training offered at the academy will include surveying, window and door installation, curtain wall and glass technology, in addition to theoretical training courses.

Speaking for Norwood Windows, Mike Stevenson who attended the event commented, “Supplying AluClad windows into the academy is a further demonstration of our commitment to supporting this exciting initiative which is designed to raise standards across the Fenestration Industry. Good installation practices are so important in the industry, a bad installation can make a great product look bad, so we are keen to ensure that all the windows we supply to the UK are installed to the highest standards”.

“Having our products in the practical training programme of the Building Our Skills Academy is a great way for us to make this happen”.

“It also gives us a great opportunity to take customers to the facility to show them our products if they are not familiar with AluClad as a concept or they want to look in fine detail at the outstanding products we offer”.