If you love your job role, career, or the industry you work in, why wouldn’t you shout about it? Well, that is exactly what Building Our Skills is asking you to do by taking part in a Month of Love for the Fenestration industry.

Building Our Skills (BOS) has joined forces with some of the industry’s top marketing agencies and trade publications to spread the Love of Fenestration right through the sector and help shine a light on some of the fantastic career opportunities available to young and new people entering the industry.

Through-out the whole of February, some of the industry’s better known marketers, editors and publishers will be sharing through social media the reasons why they love fenestration. The aim behind the campaign is to help gain further recognition of the industry’s fantastic career opportunities and to explain to more people why they should choose Fenestration when looking for a career.

Stephanie Tague, Head of BOS comments, ‘More is needed to spread the word about how great a sector Fenestration is to work in and to attract new people, particularly young people. #lovefenestration will be launched by some of the great marketing people of our industry during February and we want the whole industry to get behind it.’

#lovefenestration will be the first-of-its-kind marketing initiative devised for the whole industry to take part. The campaign aims to create positive good vibes from people who love their jobs and have enjoyed a career in Fenestration, proving that it is a sector well worth considering by those at the outset of their working life, or those looking to make a career change.

Paul Godwin, Vast PR said, ‘Most of my career has been spent in the Fenestration industry, and I have had some fantastic experiences and been able to create some great opportunities during that time. Amongst my clients and friends in the industry, I know there is an immediate requirement to six the industry’s growing skills gap.  I am therefore delighted to support BOS’ efforts and help to promote optimism and enthusiasm to attract new talent.’

The #lovefenestration campaign will run throughout February and will feature some of the industry’s more recognisable characters each day. For those wishing to take part please contact Stephanie direct on stephanie@socialp6.sg-host.com and we would ask everybody to please share the daily posts on your own social media sites using #lovefenestration.