Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration a Career of Choice is delighted to announce it has signed a partnership with FrontFoot, specialists in re-introducing military service personnel into mainstream industry as a part of its aim to bridge the skills gap in the Fenestration Industry.

It is the latest initiative from BOS following the signing of a similar partnership to engage directly with the education sector to raise awareness of Fenestration as a way of inspiring future generations  to make the industry a home for their skills and career ambitions.

Announcing the new partnership Building Our Skills ambassador John Ogilvie said “Engaging with FrontFoot to bring military service personnel into the Fenestration Industry is the latest in a growing list of key strategic partnerships we are forming to help us bridge the skills gap, and we are delighted to bring this one to fruition”.

“Everyone recognises the value that service personnel bring to the world of employment and we are delighted that we have now formed a direct link between our industry and those who can introduce our employers to the talent pool that is available, and most  importantly, is available right now”.

“As we continue with our longer-term journey to engage with the education sector to impart knowledge of our industry into the minds of the future workforce, we have very high hopes that this new relationship will help those looking to add to their workforce right now”.

“Our first initiative with FrontFoot is to ask them to identify service personnel who want to become window and door installers”. 

“We will be building hands on accredited practical training into the recruitment process, along with 12 months of ongoing support for both the recruit and the employer to ensure that we are delivering a sustainable solution for all parties.  We want employers who engage to know they will be getting installers who have been given outstanding basic training in all the key elements and are ready to contribute to their business from day one”.

Tim O’Keefe for FrontFoot echoed John’s enthusiasm, “This is a great opportunity for us to work together with Building Our Skills to support them in their challenge to bridge the growing skills gap in the Fenestration Industry.  For us, working hand in glove with service personnel it is an ideal opportunity to introduce them to a great industry, where we know there are long-term and ongoing opportunities for career development”.

“We are keen to work with the Fenestration Industry and to bring new blood to it.  We know that service personnel bring great attributes to the workplace and we are really looking forward to making an impact which will benefit all parties.  A part of our commitment is to ensure that all the personnel we recruit undergo practical training to give them the best start in their new careers, and to give those employers who engage them the best value for their investment”.

For more information about how to go about engaging service personnel, in the fist instance visit  or email