Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration a Career of Choice is delighted to announce it has signed the Armed Forces Covenant, a commitment to support serving officers looking to return to civilian life, veterans and family groups. It is the latest stepping stone for Building Our Skills in working towards forming a long term sustainable relationship with the military as a body where there are people with skills looking for new career challenges.

The initiative from Building Our Skills follows the signing of a similar partnership with FrontFoot earlier in the year who are working actively to fill vacancies in the industry with personnel from the forces as a way of helping to bridge the skills gap.

Announcing the signing of the Covenant Building Our Skills ambassador John Ogilvie said, “Engaging with military service personnel to introduce them to the Fenestration Industry is one of the growing list of key strategic partnerships we are forming to help us bridge the skills gap. Being accepted as a partner on to the Armed Forces Covenant is a big step forward; it shows that the work we are doing and what we are trying to achieve is aligned to how the military itself is trying to support forces personnel to secure long term career options. We are truly delighted to have reached this point and we know there is much more we can do going forward”.

“Our mission all along has been to identify groups where there are a significant number of people who with the right encouragement we can get to look at the Fenestration Industry as a career of choice. It is not just about installers, but about every one of the job roles that exists within the industry, and we will be announcing more exciting news on this front early in 2022”.

“Everyone recognises the value that service personnel bring to the world of employment and we are delighted that we have now formed a direct link between our industry and those who can introduce our employers to the talent pool that is available.”

“As we continue with our long-term journey to engage with the education sector to impart knowledge of our industry into the minds of the future workforce, we have very high hopes that our developing relationship with the military will help those looking to add to their workforce right now.”

Tim O’Keefe from FrontFoot with whom Building Our Skills has already formed a partnership echoed John’s comment, “Signing the Armed Forces Covenant is a great next step for Building Our Skills in their challenge to bridge the growing skills gap in the Fenestration Industry. Alongside the work we are already doing together, Building Our Skills signing of the covenant is a perfect vehicle for them to introduce forces personnel to a great industry, where we know there are long-term and ongoing opportunities for career development.”

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