Our Mission

To raise awareness of the many opportunities and rewards in Fenestration to encourage new entrants to make the industry their career of choice, and to support the building of skills through a network of employer led learning, practical training facilities and qualifications.

Career Paths

Whatever your skill set, whether you are starting out on your career journey or you are already in another industry but looking for a change of direction, the Fenestration has something for you.
The industry has hundreds of businesses looking for new and exciting talent.

Like many others, the Fenestration Industry is feeling the effects of the skills gap and not enough new young people joining it.

The Fenestration Industry is truly dynamic with great opportunities and great rewards. Turning over close to £5 billion per year, it is one of the most vibrant industries in the UK today. There are 15 distinct workstreams in the industry, from website and IT designers, to fabricators and installers, warehouse people, HR and sales

We have been working with the Fenestration Industry for over 25 years promoting employer led learning, practical training and qualifications as a way of raising skills, and more latterly as a way of addressing the growing skills gap.

Mick Clayton, GQA Qualifications
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