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Working with the Armed Forces

Building Our Skills has identified that with over 15,000 leavers every year plus tens of thousands of previous leavers already in industry, the Armed Forces community is something we need to engage with as a genuine opportunity for us to attract new entrants to the market.

There are skills shortages now across the Fenestration, Glass and Glazing industries, not just in the installation sector, and armed forces personnel and ex personnel seem to fit our requirements perfectly in terms of the range of their skills, acknowledged work ethic, and team play that our industry thrives on.

Building Our Skills has formed a partnership with specialist armed forces recruitment agency FrontFoot https://frontfoot.jobs/

Our partnership with them means that we are showcasing over 50 amazing career paths on their sites and through their networks to raise awareness of the industry and to get service people interested in it.  We are offering a range of training for armed forces personnel to help them to be industry ready – including practical training for those interested in taking up jobs as installers; business courses for those more interested in working in our offices; sales training for those who want to pursue this career path, and much more.

Armed Forces Covenant

Building Our Skills has become signatories to the Armed Forces Covenant, showing our commitment to their community and promising to do everything we can to support their requirements.  This is an important milestone for us and has given us the opportunity to talk to the Armed Forces community on many levels as we seek to engage them with the industry.

If you would like more information about our work with the Armed Forces community, or would like to look at recruiting from this sector, please get in touch by phoning us on 114 553 6066 or by emailing us sayhello@socialp6.sg-host.com

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