Our Mission

To raise awareness of the many opportunities and rewards in Fenestration to encourage new entrants to make the industry their career of choice, and to support the building of skills through a network of employer led learning, practical training facilities and qualifications.

Introduction To Building Our Skills


  • Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration a Career of Choice – is a campaign designed to raise awareness of the Fenestration Industry in the wider world with the endgame of attracting a greater number of new entrants to help combat the growing skills gap. It is a campaign for the whole of the Fenestration Industry to use.
  • At the same time the campaign is designed to provide the tools to support employers who want to upskill their existing workforce as the industry seeks to create the next generation of workers, leaders and decision makers.
  • The campaign underpins personal and professional development through making available a wide-range of training programmes, practical training programmes, industry relevant qualifications, access to employer led learning and mentoring whilst continuing to try to attract new entrants.
  • Supporters of the Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration a Career of Choice – have full access to this toolkit.

Raising Awareness

  • Raising awareness of Fenestration to a wider world will not happen overnight. The Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration a Career of Choice campaign is actively engaged with the Education Sector to provide organisations/individuals with the opportunity to connect with young people to introduce the many career choices, rewards and opportunities for personal and professional development that the Industry has to offer.
  • This long-term vision has been designed to help change the perception of the industry amongst those who might not see it as an aspirational career choice. Through this programme, in most cases, young people, educators and parents will become aware of the Fenestration Industry for the first time.
  • The campaign plans to promote three specific initiatives – Inspiring Governance, Inspiring the Future and Challenging Gender Stereotypes.
  • Business organisations and individual employees can all get involved with these initiatives to help promote the Fenestration Industry.

Working with Career Change Agencies

  • As well as the Education Sector, the Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration a Career of Choice campaign is also actively engaged with key external agencies to identify pools of workers who may be looking for career change or new opportunities.
  • One of these agencies, the Careers Transition Partnership (CTP) looks to place those leaving the armed forces into new employment whilst another offers lifelong support to veteran ex-service personnel and their spouses looking for employment opportunities.
  • The opportunity to engage with the Careers Transition Partnership (CTP) is open to all employers in the industry regardless of size.

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